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Everybody Loves a Tourist

This is an uninvited guest post* by Waterloo Sunset, who blogs at Everybody Hates A Tourist. It’s edited from suggestions he made to my last post. Parents and employees, be carefuly before you click some of these.

Cockernee steampunks, The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing

The I can’t believe she’s not much bigger than she actually is.

Probably not entirely serious punk band The Thylds.

A world in which Liz Phair was more successful than Mary Prankster is not one I want to live in.

Reni fêted Mancs of dub, Dirty North. (It’s interesting to watch if these succeed, because they’re currently refusing to do the standard industry stuff).

As an afterthought, I suspect you might relate to this.


Bob adds: I like the name “The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing”, a cool Jack The Ripper reference. And I like the steampunk concept. But I’m not sold on the Slayer style vocals… I like Lily Rae, kind of reminds me of Chumbawambaish, with the Brechtian thing. Predictably, my favourite is Frank Turner, who I then went and spent a long time with on the Hype Machine.

Websites: The Men That Won’t Be Blamed For Nothing, Lily Rae, The Thlyds, Mary Prankster, Dirty North, Frank Turner.

*I meant he didn’t invite himself, but I stole his post cunningly, rather than that he was an unwelcome guest, if that makes sense.


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