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From the Horn of Africa to the Golden Horn

This is another uninvited guest post, this time with music supplied by Noga who blogs at Contentious Centrist, based on comments made to my last post, and an e-mail from Jogo.

From Noga:

If Ethiopian singers are your interest,then you should check out this song by Shlmo Grunich and the Sheba choir:

In this vid you can read the lyrics:

Read about it here.

From Jogo:

Ofer Levy (Ofer Levi, עופר לוי) , beautiful Turkish style Mizrahi music from Israel.

Bob adds: Read about Levy and his genre, muzika mizrahi here. The second song is “Ad Matai Elohai” (lyrics here, read about it here), apparently based on this Turkish song:


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