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Whiskey & Stetsons

Hello all.  Thank you to Bob for inviting me to guest on here.  For my first post I thought I’d defy expectation and not dedicate to dodgy punk and painfully hip indie bands. (Although, rest assured that’s bound to come up at some point).  Instead, here are some of my favourite country songs.

There comes a time in any intelligent rock musician’s life when he or she realises that, not only is Waylon Jennings more rock and roll then they are, but that there is no chance of that ever changing.  Here’s a song about him being busted for cocaine.

I don’t want to like Hank Williams Jr, I really don’t.  He’s ridiculously reactionary.  I mean, have you heard If the South Would Have Won?  If you’re to the left of Genghis Khan, it’s impossible to listen to it without wincing.  But some of his songs are just so good.  This is one of the most poignint songs I’ve ever heard.  It’s about how all of Hank’s friends have grown up, leaving him standing in the playground shouting “why doesn’t anyone want to play with me”.

From the second Hank to the third.  Here is how to burn your bridges with Nashville in spectacular style.  (Contains a fair bit of swearing).

Johnny Paycheck is obviously best known for Take This Job And Shove It.  Which is a great song, but there’s so much more he did worth listening to.

I’ll admit, some of Bobby Bare’s songs are just too schmaltzy for me.  But then he mixes that up with some that are just lyrically wonderful.  My favourite is this one, which is one of his lesser known songs.  It’s a really penetrating song that looks both at getting older and takes a cynical, yet affectionate, look at 60’s counterculture.  For the latter, it’s on a par with Zappa.  (It’s obviously recorded from vinyl, so there are a few skips in the track).


One comment on “Whiskey & Stetsons

  1. Thanks for a brilliant debut post WS! Some of my favourite artists here.

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