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Doc Watson z”l

Doc Watson, one of the greatest guitar players ever, has died, at the fine age of 89. Doc Watson is one of the very few, perhaps the only, musician loved by both my grandmothers – my New York Jewish Browderite Communist one, who played the Appalachian dulcimer and followed the first American folk revival (which […]

First & last: vinyl EPs

Various: The Hometown Atrocities EP I realise I actually only ever bought one EP, but according to t’internet, it is a collector’s item. Just over a thousand copies of it were released in 1989. The A side features the excellent hardcore band Jackson Penis, the so-so grebo/skatepunk band Beaver Patrol. The B side is much […]

Friday mixtape: the nearness of you

First and last My “first and last”series, on the first and last purchase of different recorded music formats started this week with the seven inch single. I posted mine here, and rustyfruitjuice did his here, and Martin’s is here. Next week, we’re moving on to the EP – again, contributions welcome – and the following […]

First and last singles – from puppies to fishrmen

Released in 1972, Donny Osmond’s ‘Puppy Love’ was my first ever single. I purchased the disc from W.H.Smiths in Swiss Cottage, I was 9 years old. At the time the attention of pop-picking pre-tweens (in my street at least) was largely focused on the rival attractions of Osmond and David Cassidy. Cassidy had a slightly […]

rusty fruit juice: First and last 7 inch

I’m not proud of this but I feel talking about it will help me move on. My first seven inch single (not my first single) was Billy Joel’s We Didn’t Start the Fire I’d seen the epic video on TOTP and bought it the next day with pocket money. I learnt all the words, and […]

First & last: 7″ singles

[Intro to this series here.] The first single I ever bought was when the next door neighbour of my best friend Simon sold off all of his. Simon’s mum gave me and Simon the cash to buy one each. I was probably at the end of primary school. I bought Elvis Presley’s “What’d I Say” […]

First and last

Tomorrow I am going to start a new series of posts called “first and last”. It’s going to go through a series of recorded music formats and ask what’s the first and the last one you owned. Tomorrow, I’ll post my first ever seven inch single, and the last I got. Next week will be […]