First and last singles – from puppies to fishrmen

Released in 1972, Donny Osmond’s ‘Puppy Love’ was my first ever single. I purchased the disc from W.H.Smiths in Swiss Cottage, I was 9 years old.

At the time the attention of pop-picking pre-tweens (in my street at least) was largely focused on the rival attractions of Osmond and David Cassidy.

Cassidy had a slightly more rough and ready look compared to the goody-two-shoes image projected by Osmond. David was, in short, the Stones to Donny’s Beatles.

Puppy Love is a pretty terrible record, there isn’t much I can find positive to say about it other than it brings back happy memories of an early 70s childhood in north London.

Here’s the YouTube clip of the single, I wouldn’t recommend listening to more than 30 seconds of it.

In 1989 I bought my last ever single, marking the end of an era.  I had heard “The Leader is Burning” by the Pocket Fishrmen on Peel and recognised it immediately as a must-have punk classic (the track is also included in the Peel’s famous record box).

I went down to Camden Town with a Polish punk chef and found a copy of the single in one of the many record shops that filled the place before it became a tourist nightmare.

The Leader is Burning has everything a great punk song requires.  Played at a frantic speed, sounding like it was recorded in a bathroom, a psychotic sounding vocalist, sub-Stooges guitar solo, sampled sounds of bullets, daft band name, tatty single sleeve.

“Take a look at your beloved leader, take a look at him die!”

Really, what more can you possibly want?


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