First & last: vinyl EPs

Various: The Hometown Atrocities EP

I realise I actually only ever bought one EP, but according to t’internet, it is a collector’s item. Just over a thousand copies of it were released in 1989. The A side features the excellent hardcore band Jackson Penis, the so-so grebo/skatepunk band Beaver Patrol.

The B side is much worse, but is what makes it most collectible as it features Headless Chickens, whose line-up included the appalling Thom Yorke (his first recording, pre-Radiohead) and the underrated genius sHack. You can listen to their song “I Don’t Want to Go to Woodstock” (a clichéd reference to the hippy festival, not the pretty Oxfordshire village near where Yorke grew up) via YouTube here, if you can handle it (only worth it to glance at Yorke looking like a foppy student geek in the photo that forms the video).


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South London family man. Eating bacon bagels on the 171 bus, listening to Johnny Cash while reading Hannah Arendt, the kid next to me playing dubstep on his telephone. Mostly politics at http://brockley.blogspot.com and mostly music at https://bobsbeat.wordpress.com

2 comments on “First & last: vinyl EPs

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