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First & last LPs: From Satch to Scientist

So, this week we are nearing the end of vinyl in the First and last series, including at least one fantastic guest post, by rustyfruitjuice. Next week we move to cassettes.

I am not completely sure, alas, what the first LP I bought was, although I can vividly remember buying it. It must have been my twelfth birthday and my mother said I could chose any record I liked. It was a huge record shop in San Diego. I chose a Louis Armstrong compilation. I loved it, but it was warped and one said played funny, so I took it back and replaced it, and the new one was warped too, so I got a different Louis Armstrong compilation. The song that was on both compilations was “Jeepers Creepers”.

The last LP I bought was in a small black independent record shop in Peckham, off Peckham Rye. (God, what was it called? I’m sure Transpontine would know. Red Records? Intone?) It was Scientist Rids the World of the Evil Curse of the Vampires.

What a great album – and perhaps an even greater cover.

Wikipedia sez: “The album was produced and arranged by Henry “Junjo” Lawes, The Riddim Tracks were recorded at Channel One and played by The Roots Radics Band, All the tracks were mixed by Scientist at King Tubby’s Studio. The liner notes claim that it was recorded at midnight on Friday June 13, 1981, but June 13, 1981 was a Saturday.”

Scott: “Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry once called dub ‘x-ray music,’ presumably because dub specialists acted like radiologists by revealing the inner workings of their subjects.  They bared their basslines, their percussion strategies, their melodic accents.” The tracks on this album are x-rays of roots reggae from Michael Prophet, the Wailing Souls and others. You can download one of the tracks from a great playlist at Quarterlife Party.


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