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Relaunching soon

We’ve been quiet here for a few months, but will relaunch at the end of this week. February’s theme will be “Underrated”. If you want to contribute a post, work out how to email me, or leave a comment and I’ll get back to you.

Here are the most popular posts we published in 2012:

1. Raincoat Optimist: What happens if songs become offensive over time?

2. Kellie Strom: First LPs, flamenco dancers and sea shanties, musicals and clowns

3. Bob: For Nowruz

4. Bob: Leviticus

5. Bob: First & last: cassette albums: From E Street to the Copacabana

6.  Kellie Strom: First and Last EPs, Country Guitar Vol. 6 and Gunpowders

A couple of those come from our First and Last series, which will continue as an occassional feature. Some highlights of that series were TNC on camp metal, how Rusty Fruit Juice became a smack addict rent boy, the Poor Mouth’s journey fromglam rocking freckled nine year old to art rocking Prestwick Airport employee, Radiator with the Pixies in sunny Stoke, and Martin Black from puppy love to pocket fishrmen. The thing I loved about the series was how it revealed the social history of music recording technology and music retail consumption, but then that’s me.


About bobfrombrockley

South London family man. Eating bacon bagels on the 171 bus, listening to Johnny Cash while reading Hannah Arendt, the kid next to me playing dubstep on his telephone. Mostly politics at http://brockley.blogspot.com and mostly music at https://bobsbeat.wordpress.com

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