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How to make a Beck song part 2

Last year I penned a blog post called How to make a Beck song which pieced together the four songs that Beck sampled in order to create his song Where it’s at. This time I will look at the three songs he used to make Sissyneck, from his album Odelay.

First he took the whistling from Dick Hyman’s song The Moog and Me:

Hyman worked primarily as a classical musician, later using big jazz elements into his piano playing. In the 1960s he started experimenting with the Moog synthesiser, recording albums with mixed original compositions and cover versions. His song The Minotaur, from The Electric Eclectics album, charted in the US top-40, becoming the first Moog single hit.

After whistling, Beck needed a bassline. He took the one from the chord change at 01:08 from the song A Part of Me by Country Funk.

After the bassline was sorted, by the Dust Brothers who arranged the Beck song, an organ was needed. For this, Sly Stone’s organ playing was sourced, from the song Life by Sly Stone and the Family.

Eagle eared (?) listeners will notice that the moments leading up to 00:20 of the song has the organ sample that Beck used to complement the bassline for the verse of the song.

And there we have it. Those things together, mixed up a bit, does Sissyneck create:


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