New UK hip hop

I am planning an official relaunch of this blog soon, so anyone who wants to contribute please give me a shout. In the meantime, here’s some great contemporary British music that we could roughly place in the rap or hip hop category, although only if we stretch it a bit. What I like about all […]

Underrated: Bobby Darin

[This post is a stolen guest post by the great Jim Denham, of Shiraz Socialist – stolen from the comments here, with audio-visual added by me. – B.] Bobby Darin would be my suggestion for an “underrrated” artist. Not entirely forgotten, obviously: his hard-swinging, key-changing ‘Mack The Knife’ still tuns up on pub juke boxes, […]

The Friday mixtape relaunched

On music blogging A great post by John Eden on ten years of blogging, nicely captures a wonderful moment, now passing. The race politics of noise Down with the king: black folks and Elvis (for Elvis’ 78th birthday). Jew-ish music Bert Berns’ Seven Year Itch. Richard Hell for Hannukah. Alterglobal 1980s Kuwati pop. Music between […]

Underrated songs: “Stayin’ Alive”

“Stayin’ Alive” by the Bee Gees might not appear to qualify as an underrated song, as it was an enormous hit and remains a staple of cheesy disco nights, office parties and hen parties the world over. But I think it is underrated as a piece of music. First of all, the lyrics are just […]

Underrated artists: Charlie McCoy

You may not have heard of Charlie McCoy, but you’ve most probably heard him. He’s one of the most prolific of Nashville session musicians. One of his most well-known songs is Roy Orbison’s “Candy Man” (basically a gospel song about a girl, in the Ray Charles mode), which opens with the McCoy’s harmonica, giving the […]


The theme in February here will be “underrated” – featuring artists, bands, albums and songs that have not been given the recognition they deserve. (In March, the theme will be “overrated” – you can guess what that means.) I’ll post the first post later, but if you fancy contributing a post, get in touch!

Relaunching soon

We’ve been quiet here for a few months, but will relaunch at the end of this week. February’s theme will be “Underrated”. If you want to contribute a post, work out how to email me, or leave a comment and I’ll get back to you. Here are the most popular posts we published in 2012: […]