How to make a Beck song part 2

Last year I penned a blog post called How to make a Beck song which pieced together the four songs that Beck sampled in order to create his song Where it’s at. This time I will look at the three songs he used to make Sissyneck, from his album Odelay. First he took the whistling […]

How to make a Beck song

Where it’s at is one of Beck’s finest songs, but in order for it to have existed it needed a little help from a few friends, by way of samples. The final product is as follows But it took for the following: The background of Lee Dorsey’s Get Out Of My Life, Woman The line […]

In appreciation of Joey Baron

There is a joke about a man who goes in search of a new brain. He approaches a brain surgeon who, by night, opens his home theatre to the general public who are in need of something new. The man asks for some prices, to which the brain surgeon replies “well, you see here I […]

On the Manic Street Preachers’ song Empty Souls

The album Lifeblood by Manic Street Preachers is 8 years old this year. For me this is hard to believe, it really doesn’t feel that long, but the album is little known, and largely ignored by all save for the hardcore MSP fans. I can understand this. There are stand out songs on there, and […]

The man whose machine killed fascists: Woody Guthrie is 100

Roger Ballenger is a State Senator whose district includes Okemah, from where Woody Guthrie hailed. He told the Ventura County Star of Guthrie that his: popularity rose, as many do, after he passed away … He would be seen as an extreme left political thinker, I’m sure The Republican Steve Kouplin went as far as to say: A lot of […]

What happens if songs become offensive over time?

What we need, so Blue Mink tell us, is one great big melting pot. And do you know – I agree with them. I’m sure if I’d been around in 1969 I’d have agreed with what was meant by the song all the way through, but I can’t say I’d stick their lyrics up on […]