First and last

First & last CDs: from marronage to voot

Before I moved in with the woman who is now my wife, I had no CD player. However, in anticipation, I bought two CDs from the covered market that used to be in Camberwell but sadly is no longer. Actually, I bought one, and my lovely sister bought me the other. They were, respectively, as […]

First and Last CDs: Rusty Fruit-Juice

I’m sure I’d have been a relatively early adopter of CDs had the Tories not screwed the economy and the bank reclaimed our house at the same time as my father left my mother with colossal debts and two boys to bring up. So, as it happens I was pretty late onto the CD scene, […]

First and Last LPs: From Slayed? to the Burning World

I know that this is a bit late but personal issues have gotten in the way of sitting down and writing this. Cast your mind back to the year of our lord One Thousand Nine Hundred and Seventy Two-  a time when colours did not just clash but fought pitched battles on the tank tops […]

First and Last LPs: Judas Priest from Music Galaxy to the last great hip hop record

I’ll never forget the first album I bought or where it was purchased. It was a used copy of Judas Priest’s “Unleashed in the East” at Music Galaxy in the Five-Points shopping center in Santa Barbara. Music Galaxy was operated by this wizened old woman who constantly smoked cigarettes. Her tastes tended towards what was […]

1st and last CD: Surfer Rosa in Stoke

Working out my first CD is proving difficult, but I think I’ve narrowed it down to one or two. It was sometime in 1988 and I would have been 14. I was buying a bit of vinyl by then (no longer interested in the Now That’s What I Call Music! tapes), mainly electro / hip […]

First & last: cassette albums: From E Street to the Copacabana

Continuing with cassettes (last week was cassette singles), we move on to cassette albums in this series of first and last purchases. I’m not completely sure about this week, because cassettes is the format I have kept less of than others. I’m pretty sure that the first cassette album I bought was actually a triple […]

First & last: cassette singles

Last week, with LPs, was a highlight of this series, with lovely posts from rustyfruitjuice and Kellie, covering everything from deep flamenco to children’s folk to 1980s pop to retro-punk mash-up, and in particular fabulous looking record covers. What could be less cool, in contrast, than the cassette single? For me, however, for a brief […]