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First and Last LPs: From Slayed? to the Burning World

I know that this is a bit late but personal issues have gotten in the way of sitting down and writing this. Cast your mind back to the year of our lord One Thousand Nine Hundred and Seventy Two-  a time when colours did not just clash but fought pitched battles on the tank tops […]

First and Last LPs: Judas Priest from Music Galaxy to the last great hip hop record

I’ll never forget the first album I bought or where it was purchased. It was a used copy of Judas Priest’s “Unleashed in the East” at Music Galaxy in the Five-Points shopping center in Santa Barbara. Music Galaxy was operated by this wizened old woman who constantly smoked cigarettes. Her tastes tended towards what was […]

First and last singles – from puppies to fishrmen

Released in 1972, Donny Osmond’s ‘Puppy Love’ was my first ever single. I purchased the disc from W.H.Smiths in Swiss Cottage, I was 9 years old. At the time the attention of pop-picking pre-tweens (in my street at least) was largely focused on the rival attractions of Osmond and David Cassidy. Cassidy had a slightly […]

Whiskey & Stetsons

Hello all.  Thank you to Bob for inviting me to guest on here.  For my first post I thought I’d defy expectation and not dedicate to dodgy punk and painfully hip indie bands. (Although, rest assured that’s bound to come up at some point).  Instead, here are some of my favourite country songs. There comes a […]

Farewell Levon

Cross-posted from Bob From Brockley. Levon Helm, one of my favourite musicians, has died. My padrino gave me the wonderful triple album of The Band’s Last Waltz when I was in my mid-teens, and it totally transformed the way I listened to and understood music. I don’t think there are many albums I listened to […]