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First & last: cassette albums: From E Street to the Copacabana

Continuing with cassettes (last week was cassette singles), we move on to cassette albums in this series of first and last purchases. I’m not completely sure about this week, because cassettes is the format I have kept less of than others. I’m pretty sure that the first cassette album I bought was actually a triple […]

The fourth Friday mixtape

Just a short one today. Come to the cabaret In red sparkly shoes  – Rosie introduces us to the spine-tingling music of Camille O’Sullivan. Hep to the Jive Dr Edmond Souchon’s’s sleeve notes to ‘Papa Laine’s Children’ – An alternative white lineage within the New Orleans jazz pantheon, featuring “Melancholy Baby” by Johnny Wiggs and Snoozer […]

The Friday mixtape is not a mixtape

[I am re-posting this, with some extras, as I got the date wrong and scheduled it in the past…] This is the third in my Friday mixtape series, which will be where I round up several links to music posts I’ve been reading in the week – although it might not be every week. Via […]