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Music Mondays: Cante flamenco

[Cross-posted from Poumista] For the Sake of the Song, a fantastic music blog, occassionally posts briliant Spanish music, and I have linked there before in this series, I think. Here’s the lastest: […] a quartet of fantastic flamenco pieces from thirties Spain. Featuring Pepe Pinto, Antonio Mairena, Manolita from Jerez, and last but not least the […]

First LPs, flamenco dancers and sea shanties, musicals and clowns

Pinpointing my first LP is not so straightforward. The first one I was aware of as a boy was Neil Young’s Harvest, as it was for a while the only record in the house, and I heard it far too often, echoing on the bare cement floor of the Land Commission cottage that my parents […]