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Friday mixtape

Some Lost, Some Found … is back after a hiatus. Here’s Indie Disco Kisses summer songs, Car Seat Headrest, and Burger Records. The House That Trane Built A great Coltrane-centric jazz blog on Tumblr. Tzadic Here’s a trio of trois, an hour of Zornism live from earlier this year: Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz trio of Abraxas […]

In appreciation of Joey Baron

There is a joke about a man who goes in search of a new brain. He approaches a brain surgeon who, by night, opens his home theatre to the general public who are in need of something new. The man asks for some prices, to which the brain surgeon replies “well, you see here I […]

Shabes mixtape

Great songs: Tom Russell: Gallo del Cielo (Americana from La Linea); Original Dixieland Jass Band: Tiger Rag (jazz for ball players) ; Taraf De Haidouks: Tot Taraful (gypsy mayhem); Tony Bennett: I Get Along Without You Very Well (old white guys still got it). Cool Jewish music: Gevolt (Yiddish metal); Rachel Zapen (bossa nova inspired covers of 80s classics, etc); Daphna Sadeh and […]