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Waylon and Jessi

At risk of this becoming a country music blog, but after I posted  a link to Waylon Jennings and Jessi Colter doing Elvis, Jogo sent me links to two YouTubes of Waylon and Jessi. Both songs are lovely. One is especially pertinent, as it is a song by Woody Guthrie, and a wonderful version too. The other […]

Friday the thirteenth mixtape

First and last etc OK, to reiterate: … you can read Radiator on Stokes’s independent record stores and buying CDs for their bonus tracks, TNC on Santa Barbara’s independent record stores and buying leather-homo metal, Jams on independent record (and model) stores in Elm Park and buying a glam classic, RustyFruitJuice on why he became a dope fiend rent boy, and me on the music of the black diaspora, […]

Whiskey & Stetsons

Hello all.  Thank you to Bob for inviting me to guest on here.  For my first post I thought I’d defy expectation and not dedicate to dodgy punk and painfully hip indie bands. (Although, rest assured that’s bound to come up at some point).  Instead, here are some of my favourite country songs. There comes a […]