Guest post

Underrated: Bobby Darin

[This post is a stolen guest post by the great Jim Denham, of Shiraz Socialist – stolen from the comments here, with audio-visual added by me. – B.] Bobby Darin would be my suggestion for an “underrrated” artist. Not entirely forgotten, obviously: his hard-swinging, key-changing ‘Mack The Knife’ still tuns up on pub juke boxes, […]

I dream of love

From the secret lead-lined vault of bootleg demo reel to reels and wax cylinders, here is John Dog singing one of the hits of tomorrowyear, I dream of love. More John Dog songs at, and on this YouTube playlist. The Festival of Britain images are from the short film Brief City, 1952, available at […]

Pretty Little Thing

John Dog sings Pretty Little Thing. You’ll find more songs at Written and arranged by Raymond Butler and performed by John Dog. © All rights reserved. The vintage Camay soap ad images are from, with a little added Zest.

School’s out for summer and forever, our childhood dream came true..

Some summertime blues: John Dog singing The River Corrib. You can listen to and download more John Dog songs from Raymond Butler’s Bandcamp page, including another dark summer number here.

In appreciation of Joey Baron

There is a joke about a man who goes in search of a new brain. He approaches a brain surgeon who, by night, opens his home theatre to the general public who are in need of something new. The man asks for some prices, to which the brain surgeon replies “well, you see here I […]

On the Manic Street Preachers’ song Empty Souls

The album Lifeblood by Manic Street Preachers is 8 years old this year. For me this is hard to believe, it really doesn’t feel that long, but the album is little known, and largely ignored by all save for the hardcore MSP fans. I can understand this. There are stand out songs on there, and […]

What happens if songs become offensive over time?

What we need, so Blue Mink tell us, is one great big melting pot. And do you know – I agree with them. I’m sure if I’d been around in 1969 I’d have agreed with what was meant by the song all the way through, but I can’t say I’d stick their lyrics up on […]