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Whiskey & Stetsons

Hello all.  Thank you to Bob for inviting me to guest on here.  For my first post I thought I’d defy expectation and not dedicate to dodgy punk and painfully hip indie bands. (Although, rest assured that’s bound to come up at some point).  Instead, here are some of my favourite country songs. There comes a […]

Friday mixtape 2

A moonlight swim at Kellie’s place: Finland in ’59, and Tuula Siponius sings Kuutamouintia. The Elvis version in Blue Hawaii (1961) is not as good; it doesn’t have a duck and is filmed in sunlight. Jazz is: … white tie and reefer. Sunday night is Duke Ellington. And a night out is Kenny Garrett. Naturally gooood. Funk is… […]

Farewell Levon

Cross-posted from Bob From Brockley. Levon Helm, one of my favourite musicians, has died. My padrino gave me the wonderful triple album of The Band’s Last Waltz when I was in my mid-teens, and it totally transformed the way I listened to and understood music. I don’t think there are many albums I listened to […]

From the Horn of Africa to the Golden Horn

This is another uninvited guest post, this time with music supplied by Noga who blogs at Contentious Centrist, based on comments made to my last post, and an e-mail from Jogo. From Noga: If Ethiopian singers are your interest,then you should check out this song by Shlmo Grunich and the Sheba choir: In this vid you […]

Everybody Loves a Tourist

This is an uninvited guest post* by Waterloo Sunset, who blogs at Everybody Hates A Tourist. It’s edited from suggestions he made to my last post. Parents and employees, be carefuly before you click some of these. Cockernee steampunks, The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing The I can’t believe she’s not much […]

Ethiopiques/Hava Nagila

Cross-posted from BobFromBrockley It’s a while since I did one of these, partly as YouTube and Spotify and all these other web 2.0 things have displaced the good old fashioned mp3 blogs which flourished in the second half of the noughties. But here goes. Ethiopiques From Magnet Magazine, I am glad to discover the lovely, […]

Bob’s Boys

From the wonderful blog, For the Sake of the Song, I thought this was appropriate to help launch my project: Four saxes, one vision. Always loved Tenor Conclave, a hot blowing session recorded in 1956 and featuring messrs. Mobley, Cohn, Coltrane, and Sims in great form. The Bob in the title refers to Bob Weinstock btw, […]