How to make a Beck song part 2

Last year I penned a blog post called How to make a Beck song which pieced together the four songs that Beck sampled in order to create his song Where it’s at. This time I will look at the three songs he used to make Sissyneck, from his album Odelay. First he took the whistling […]

The Friday mixtape relaunched

On music blogging A great post by John Eden on ten years of blogging, nicely captures a wonderful moment, now passing. The race politics of noise Down with the king: black folks and Elvis (for Elvis’ 78th birthday). Jew-ish music Bert Berns’ Seven Year Itch. Richard Hell for Hannukah. Alterglobal 1980s Kuwati pop. Music between […]

Relaunching soon

We’ve been quiet here for a few months, but will relaunch at the end of this week. February’s theme will be “Underrated”. If you want to contribute a post, work out how to email me, or leave a comment and I’ll get back to you. Here are the most popular posts we published in 2012: […]

Friday mixtape

Some Lost, Some Found … is back after a hiatus. Here’s Indie Disco Kisses summer songs, Car Seat Headrest, and Burger Records. The House That Trane Built A great Coltrane-centric jazz blog on Tumblr. Tzadic Here’s a trio of trois, an hour of Zornism live from earlier this year: Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz trio of Abraxas […]

The Friday mixtape is back

Mixing pop and politics Why is the left quiet about Pussy riot? Dylan’s “Hurricane” and the truths we will never know. Are Paul Robeson and Pete Seeger great Americans? Something old. something new So, I think two of the best releases of 2012 are of old music and both on Light in the Attic. The […]

How to make a Beck song

Where it’s at is one of Beck’s finest songs, but in order for it to have existed it needed a little help from a few friends, by way of samples. The final product is as follows But it took for the following: The background of Lee Dorsey’s Get Out Of My Life, Woman The line […]