The magic of the shuffle

I love the way that shuffling music, one of the best things about digital music players and applications of various kinds, creates perfect sequences by pure chance. Here was a good one I got today: The Rolling Stone “Far Away Eyes” then Magic Sam “21 Days in Jail” then The Cramps “Blues, Blues, Blues” then […]

Last Friday mixtape for a few weeks

I’m out of here for the next couple of weeks. I’ve scheduled some things for my absence, and I hope other contributors might play pitch in (while the cat’s away…) Here’s this week’s miscellany. Music beyond conflict: Entdinglichung plays us the wonderful Rita, born in Iran and living in Israel, singing in Farsi, truly beautiful. […]

Friday the thirteenth mixtape

First and last etc OK, to reiterate: … you can read Radiator on Stokes’s independent record stores and buying CDs for their bonus tracks, TNC on Santa Barbara’s independent record stores and buying leather-homo metal, Jams on independent record (and model) stores in Elm Park and buying a glam classic, RustyFruitJuice on why he became a dope fiend rent boy, and me on the music of the black diaspora, […]

Friday mixtape

First and last The series is nearing its end. Last week it was just me, playing Bruce Springsteen and James Last on cassette. This week, CD s – and radiator (who now blogs here) reflects on the rise and fall of the independent record store and explains his daughter’s name, and TNC (who too infrequently […]

Friday mixtape

First and last So, this week it was cassette albums, with just me (so far), with Bruce Springsteen and James Last. Next week is CDs, and I’m hoping for a good crop of guest posts. (That’s a reminder folks.) Obituaries Graeme Bell, father of Aussie jazz. Bloggery The wonderful Village Dance Radio celebrates Johnny ‘Hammond’ […]

Friday mixtape

First and last So, last week we were doing first and last EPs. Here’s me, but, far better, here’s Kellie. (Kellie Strøm is an excellent artist and illustrator, blogs at Airforce Amazons, and tweats as @kelliestrom. At his place, he blogs about all sorts of things, including the Middle East and old films. He sometimes blogs […]

Shabes mixtape

Great songs: Tom Russell: Gallo del Cielo (Americana from La Linea); Original Dixieland Jass Band: Tiger Rag (jazz for ball players) ; Taraf De Haidouks: Tot Taraful (gypsy mayhem); Tony Bennett: I Get Along Without You Very Well (old white guys still got it). Cool Jewish music: Gevolt (Yiddish metal); Rachel Zapen (bossa nova inspired covers of 80s classics, etc); Daphna Sadeh and […]